Quote from teacher: “You’re taking a photo of ass war, aren’t you”



like this if you remember when there was only one continent



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'do it for the vine'


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sick ass europeans by sweetthegod13

What ya’ll think the News is?  It’s not a re-enactment of tragedy, but a creation of tragedy for entertainment.  Some may say the White man did not make the snake bite this boy; but you’d be surprised what white folk did to this boy and this snake that the boy is attacked by a snake in front of white folk. 
P.S. Rest assured that there’s more than one camera-man!  No excuse.
P.P.S. We to blame for keeping the White Man in our ancestral homeland!.

Ya’ll know this is actually from a tv show, “Nature’s Deadliest” right? A tv show that has nothing to do with National Geographic, I might add. So there’s the first tip-off. Let’s go over the orginal pic and some others I found  

You can tell the snake isn’t actually attacking because if it was, it would be biting down on her  (yes, her. That is most definitely a young girl)  while constricting around her chest. Instead, the bottom half of the snake’s body is just wrapped around the kid’s leg while the head is all the way off screen, not even near the child - as you can plainly see when the adult actor is unraveling the snake in the second picture. The python’s head is a good four feet from the part of its body that’s on the leg. If it Not efficient constriction at all. How is it supposed to suffocate her? Through her legs?  5/10 constriction would not recommend. Not to mention that snake is in no way big enough to eat that child. It would split right open if it tried.  Snakes don’t constrict what they can’t eat, it wastes too much energy which, in the wild, can be the difference between life and death for a snake.  If it felt threatened by something it couldn’t eat, it would lash out and bite. Not loosely wrap its tail around the enemy’s leg while tra-la-laaing its upper body several feet away.
 And don’t even get me started on how ridiculous the third picture is. He’s basically just flailing around while holding the snake.   This is a completely chilled out snake. It’s clearly very used to humans.  It’s tightened around the leg in the first pic because that’s what snakes fucking do. Ever held one? They love to wrap parts of themselves around shit, especially if that shit is warm - as human body parts tend to be since we’re warm-blooded. 
I’m also 90% sure this is available on Netflix. 
So while you’re perfectly entitled to rant about white people on your tumblr, maybe do a quick reverse google image search first. 

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u know yr fucked when someone is so fine u can’t even look at them directly u gotta glance at them out of the corner of your eye like yr lookin at the sun

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thats it. we have seen everything, the world may continue to stop existing.



was kanye even moving

me trying to get work done in school



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when i find a new show on netflix with 8 seasons


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idk if its been done but  im sure it has but here you go any how

Is something not about your dick? Make it about your dick! Don’t let her do anything without reminding her that you have a dick.




dear Australians,

Canada has less people than California alone, and we’re the 2nd biggest country in the world. Gay rights are fully legal, abortion is legal, no racism or descrimination of any kind is allowed, free healthcare, and we have moose. Come live here, we have lots of space!



can Americans come too


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